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June 2014 

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The ABTA receives so many great questions from patients, caregivers and supporters across the country, that we thought it would be great to share the questions we get and, more importantly, the answers.

Albert Lai

Q: Why is it that glioblastoma is incurable, while other malignant tumors respond to treatment?

Answer provided by Albert Lai, MD, PhD, of the UCLA Neuro-oncology program. As a clinician-scientist, Dr. Lai is committed to the direct care of brain tumor patients and improvement of treatment outcomes through translational and basic research.  Click here to read their full answers.                

We would love to hear from you. If you have a question you would like to submit, click here.  

Join Brain Tumor Experts to Discuss the Latest in Research, Treatment & Care
2012 Conference AttendeesJoin us for the ABTA's 2014 patient and family conference, "Providing and Pursuing Answers: Advances in Research, Treatment and Care," taking place July 25-26 in Chicago.

Meet and speak with leading neuro-oncology physicians and researchers, allied health care professionals and other patients and caregivers. Register at 


First Ever Clinical Practice Guidelines for Adult Brain Tumor Patients
Clinical Practical GuidelinesThe ABTA has paired with the American Association of Nueroscience Nurses (AANN) to develop the first ever nursing clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of adults with brain tumors.  

The goal of the guidelines is to help nurses provide consistent and evidence-based care for brain tumor patients and their families from diagnosis throughout the trajectory of the illness.

Click here to read more about the Clinical Practice Guidelines.

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ABTA Supported Research Evaluates Quality of Life and Caregiver Burden 
Patient and caregiver reports can be critical in assessing the quality of life of glioma patients. An ABTA-funded study conducted at Northwestern University recently explored the neurocognitive challenges and quality of life (QOL) experienced by patients with malignant gliomas. Researchers asked whether assessment of patient QOL by the primary caregiver is in agreement with the patient’s self-reported QOL. The study followed 45 patients and their primary caregiver, and compared assessments on at least three occasions. The findings reveal good overall agreement between patient and caregiver. The results suggest the caregiver assessments were comparable to those reported in other types of cancer, indicating that the caregiver assessments can serve as adequate proxies for patient reports. In addition, the study explored caregiver burden in the brain tumor community versus other cancers.  Read the article here.

Epidemiology of Gliomas in Adults
Gliomas arise from the glial, or supportive, tissue of the brain and represent the most common group of primary malignant brain tumors in adults and include astrocytomas, oligodendrogliomas and oligoastrocytomas. In an extensive review article authored by several previous ABTA-funded epidemiologists (scientists who study the potential risks and causes of disease), the authors describe the incidence of these brain tumors, risk factors, and what is known about exposure to radiation, occupational chemicals, cell phones, pesticides and solvents. The authors also explore the World Health Organization (WHO) classification of gliomas, biomarkers and molecular pathology. Read the article here.

For more information about epidemiology, watch the ABTA's webinar, "Causes and Risk Factors for Brain Tumors," presented by Jill Barnholtz-Sloan, PhD, at the Anytime Learning section of the ABTA web site

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Radiotherapy for Pediatric Brain Tumors and Late Effects of Radiotherapy in Children.
June 5 Webinar pediatric radiotherapy webinar dr. john breneThursday, June 5 at 1 p.m. 

Join John Breneman, MD, of University of Cincinnati/Cincinnati Children's Hospital as he discusses radiotherapy in children, late effects and special considerations when using this treatment on children. Click here to RSVP

Brain Cysts: A Treatment and Care Update
Brain Cysts WebinarWednesday, June 18 at 2 p.m.

Join Richard Peterson, MD, of Regions Hospital Cancer Care Center, to discuss the different types of cysts, the treatment options and how to cope with this diagnosis. Click here to RSVP

Missed a webinar? You can watch it anytime. 
All of the ABTA's past webinars are online at the Anytime Learning section of  

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Great Cities, Great People Make Breakthroughs
Chicago BT5K SurvivorThere are three Breakthrough for Brain Tumors BT5K Run & Walks left for 2014, and though they're last, they are certainly never least! We're so excited about the amazing things that these events will do.

Register as a team or an individual for one of these fantastic events:

Visit to learn more about all of our events!


Challenge Yourself to Move Further
team breakthrough peggyIf you're looking to run farther than a 5K, try to go the distance as part of Team Breakthrough, the ABTA's endurance team. You can run a full or half marathon, or distance of your choosing through the "Choose Your Own" program. No matter how far you are looking to go, we're here to help you reach your goals. Visit

Don't forget - we have a limited of number of guaranteed entries to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Call Alisha at 800-886-1281 or email her at to learn more. 

Founded in 1973, the American Brain Tumor Association was the first and is now the only national organization committed to funding brain tumor research and providing information, support and educational resources for all age groups and all  tumor types. For more information, visit or call 800-886-ABTA (2282).
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