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Your Story. Your Way.

Your Story. Your Way.

Breakthrough Your Way allows you to support the ABTA by fundraising your way. Whether you’re hosting an athletic event, donating your birthday or favorite holiday, or setting up a tribute or memorial page, we are here to provide you with the support you need. No matter how you choose to fundraise, becoming part of the Breakthrough Your Way program and ABTA family is fun and easy through our four areas of support.

To get started, please fill out our event information form and an ABTA staff member will contact you. If you have any questions or in need of additional information, please contact Michelle Dumele at mdumele@abta.org. If you are interested in creating a personal fundraising page for your event, please choose from the following options below.

Featured Fundraiser

Bill Hughes has been a volunteer participating in the Breakthrough Your Way program since 2015. Bill began hosting the North Mississippi Kilt Walk and Fun Run after his wife Misty was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2014.

Misty has always loved kilts and the Scottish culture. Bill thought it would be a unique way to have some fun and spread awareness for the brain tumor cause. He wants his community to know that there are individuals struggling day-to-day with this diagnosis.

Bill says the best part of hosting an event is being able to network with other brain tumor survivors who understand the struggle. “We have made some friends that are going through the same experience that Misty is going through. It's good to have people that understand the struggle.”

To read more about their event and Misty’s story, please visit their website: www.kiltedforbraintumors.com