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2018 BT5K Los Angeles


MY BROTHER, JIM PARELL, completed his 2nd round of radiation treatment for a benign brain tumor which is pressing on his brain stem & Leptomeningeal Disease in October 2014 after a 13-year remission. His August 2017 MRI showed that his TUMOR & CANCER ARE STABLE - which is GREAT news!! Jim continues, however, to experience neurological challenges on a daily basis. And as of today - there is no further treatment for his particular situation -That is why I remain committed to the American Brain Tumor Association efforts to raise awareness & research funding - I HOPE TO HELP FUND THE CURE FOR JIM & EVERYONE ELSE LIVING WITH THIS DEVASTING DIAGNOSIS!
As many of you know, Jim's situation inspired me to get involved with the American Brain Tumor Association, where I quickly learned that 500 people will be diagnosed with a brain tumor TODAY. I will be participating in the American Brain Tumor Association's BT5K Breakthrough for Brain Tumors Run & Walk in Los Angeles on May 19th, 2018. Money raised by the BT5K will provide
We have met the most amazing, strong, faithful, courageous Brain Tumor Warriors, Heroes and Families along this journey. They inspire us to continue to play our small part to help eradicate this horrible and often times incurable disease. TEAM JIMBO celebrates Warriors & Heroes by walking their photos the entire 5K and most especially across the finish line! When we started this tradition, it felt like the least we could do - it turns out to be quite a big deal for fellow brain tumor travelers and their families!
TEAM JIMBO is participating in our 8th Event in 3 years .... to date YOU HAVE HELPED US RAISE:
+$5,200 for the ABTA NYC BT5K in November 2014
+$10,000 for the ABTA Los Angeles BT5K in April, 2015
+$4,000 for the ABTA NYC BT5K in November 2015
+$6,500 for the ABTA Los Angeles BT5K in April, 2016
+$3,500 for the ABTA NYC BT5K in November, 2016
+$3,500 for the ABTA Los Angeles BT5K in May, 2017
+$2,490 for the ABTA NYC BT5K in November, 2017
You can support me in my efforts by making a donation to the American Brain Tumor Association.

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Your donation not only supports brain tumor patients and their families but it also supports the breakthrough research to improve, extend and ultimately save lives.

And remember, your donation is tax-deductible! You can learn more about the American Brain Tumor Association at Thank you in advance for your support of my efforts on behalf of brain tumor patients, their families, and the researchers pursuing the breakthroughs.

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