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2018 BT5K Michigan

United Against Tumors

An Update: Kaitlyn is a Junior at Grand Valley State University in their Honor's College. She is studying Finance and enjoys participating in GVSU Color Guard. Right now she is busy going to school as well as interning for Calder Capital . She also just received a summer internship with Hayworth. Last summer she studied abroad & had an internship in Chile. She continues to get a good prognosis from her doctors & MRI results.

As many of you know: Our daughter Kaitlyn’s life changed in January 2011 at age 13 after what we thought was a routine MRI for frequent headaches. Less than 2 hours after returning home from the test, we were told Kaitlyn had a large brain tumor and sent to the ER. A few days later most of the tumor was removed in a 12-hour surgery at Mott Children’s Hospital. She spent the next 6 months recovering from the physical and language impact of the surgery while she also finished the school year. She had regular MRIs and the small tumor fragments were stable until spring 2012. After experiencing double vision, an MRI showed the tumor had started to grow again. She had surgery again in July to try to remove the rest of the tumor, but the amount of scar tissue from the previous surgery prevented the surgeon from getting anywhere near the tumor. A few weeks later, she began her course of 30 radiation treatments over 6 weeks, which left her nauseous, fatigued and weak. Kaitlyn’s experience has made her a courageous and strong girl. It wasn’t easy for her to decide to make her story public but she knows awareness and research are important in the fight against brain tumors.

Here are the facts:
• Brain tumors are the second leading cause of cancer related death in children under 20.
• An estimated 700,000 people are living with brain tumors in the US.
• Every day, 500 people will be diagnosed with over 120 different types of brain tumors.

We have decided again to fundraise for the American Brain Tumor Association whose mission is ”to advance the understanding and treatment of brain tumors with the goals of improving, extending and, ultimately, saving the lives of those impacted by a brain tumor diagnosis.”

We hope we can convince others to help our fight through contributing to our team (United Against Tumors) & and joining us in Milford, MI on May 12th for the Breakthrough for Brain Tumors 5k Run-Walk. Remember - we'll also have our Silent Auction (on race day) that our team runs.So if you’re interested in that too- let me know

If you can't join us at the race we’d love your support to create a virtual fundraising team or contribute to ours.

Thanks….The Bergs

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