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2018 BT5K Chicago

"That's the Plan" for Sandy Erxleben

Hello Friends and Family of Sandy!

I'm sure we all remember the unbelievable story behind, "That's the Plan".**(see below)

Sandy's words became a rallying cry for all of us during her journey. It was based on a goal she struggled so hard to accomplish. Every one of us who followed and participated in her journey was touched deeply by her extraordinary resolve and positive attitude, even when things got tough for her.

Now all of us have the opportunity to honor her strength and her memory as a team, with this year's BT5K event. This is the third year of our annual participation in this great event. Many, many friends and family rallied behind Sandy in the 2016 event. It was simply a tremendous day for those of us who loved Sandy and either came out to walk - some even running - and those of us who could not be present participating with a wonderful donation.

I really look forward to seeing each of you on April 23rd, if you can make it. Thank you for your participation and thanks for keeping Sandy's memory alive.

Jim Erxleben

**Sandy Erxleben was gifted with the ability to communicate with clarity and great passion. Whether teaching 7th grade, high school or presenting to school administration and peers, her passion for Language Arts, especially English, was apparent and of benefit to her audiences. In Sandy’s last pre-retirement year of teaching at Jewel Middle School, she was diagnosed with brain cancer (Glioblastoma) located within the temporal speech center of her brain. Sandy’s gift of communication was taken away, as was her mobility.

On the second day after surgery we noticed she began to move the toes of her right foot and Jim said, “WOW, if you keep improving like that you will be dancing with the grandchildren in no time!” She looked up at us struggling to find and form each word and incredibly she said, "That's...the Plan.” To say we were euphoric, and taken to an unbelievable emotional level, underplays what we felt. The fight in Sandy was just getting started!!

Through her difficult and complicated fight nothing could damage her positive, warm and loving personality; her strong fighting spirit; or especially her beautiful smile. These attributes shined through all the pain of her last six months of life. Sandy passed away on September 20, 2014. Many have said, 'to know her was to love her'.

Sandy's "That's the Plan" miraculous statement became an important source of focus, strength and courage for all of us. It is a fitting name for our BT5K team made up of wonderful people who cared greatly for Sandy.

We hope you will join us for this event and we hope you will support the American Brain Tumor Association in their efforts to fund brain tumor research that may one day find a cure for this horrible disease. Our team will be built with Sandy's friends and family who want to remember and honor her. If you cannot attend please make a donation of support to help the American Brain Tumor Association with their mission.  

Sandy's Family 

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