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2018 BT5K Chicago

Nashaun, Connie and Jeff at 2017 Brain Tumor Walk
Nashaun, Connie and Jeff at 2017 Brain Tumor Walk

Stormin for Norman

Many of you knew father and many of you never got the chance to meet this wonderful husband to my mom and fabulous father Jeff and I were so fortunate to have growin up. He was the "best" father ever and we miss him so much.

He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2001 and lost his battle in 2007. He fought so gallantly! He had the best doctors and was fortunate to have all the latest treatments, but it just wasn't enough.

We watched him go through numerous MRI's, pet scans, blood test, radiation, chemo, halos screwed in to his head, intensive care for weeks, rehabilitation therapy, blood clots & numerous emergency room visits. He went from active to limping, then using a cane, to a wheel chair to being confined in a bed. We never once heard him complain or say "why me" or give up! He was a pillar of strength right until the end. He was an inspiration to all of us!

During a visit to the doctor one time, he jokingly told him that some of the procedures seemed "medieval' to him and that they needed to make some advances in this area-that is why we support ABTA and raise funds annually by participating in the 5K.

Each day, 500 people will be diagnosed with a brain tumor & 700,000 are living with a brain tumor. There are numerous types and no one answer to a cure. There have been many advances, but we still don't know who, we don't know when & we don't know why you get a brain tumor.

My family will be participating in the Annual American Brain TumorAssociation’s BT5K Breakthrough for Brain Tumors Run & Walk. Money raised by the BT5K will provide critical funding for brain tumor research to improve, extend and ultimately save lives and for supportive patient care.

You can support my mom, brother and I in these efforts by making a donation to the American Brain Tumor Association or joining us Sunday, April 22nd for the 5K. We would love to see you all join us in the 5K. I will text everyone where we will be for the start of the race.

Thank you in advance for your support of our efforts on behalf of brain tumor patients, their families, and the researchers pursuing the breakthroughs.

In Memory of Norm, let's get moving and get a breakthrough!

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