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Mom & Dad

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When my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor 16 months ago, our family reacted with shock and fear. It was so unexpected that it didn’t seem real. But our family is very close. We talk about everything, and we share our feelings with each other. We rely on each other and we draw strength from each other. We knew we would face mom’s illness – and her recovery – together.

And that recovery has been remarkable. My mom has undergone two successful surgeries. She has a scan every two months. She eats properly, exercises regularly, and gets her rest. She takes her medicine faithfully and she follows the advice of her team of doctors. Since her diagnosis, she continues to take care of my dad and runs the household as she always did. She is involved in the lives of her four children, even though we are scattered across the country – she always has been, and she always will be.

She taught us many important lessons as we grew up, and she is still teaching. She faces everything with good nature and good humor. We are thankful for all of the prayers of support we have received. The shock and fear we felt 16 months ago has given way to hope, love, and confidence in God’s grace. Our mom continues to show us how to live with love in our hearts.


“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” – The Emperor, Mulan


Our team, Team Mansch, will be participating in the BT5K Denver Breakthrough for Brain Tumors Run & Walk, an inspiring and fun event that benefits the American Brain Tumor Association. Money raised by the event will pay for research into treatments brain tumors along with support for patients coping with these afflictions.


The more the merrier! I’m inviting all my friends to join my team in support of the nearly 700,000 people currently living with a brain tumor. You can join my team by clicking the join button on the right.


If you can’t make it to the BT5K Denver, please consider making a donation to the American Brain Tumor Association in support of the team’s efforts. Click the donate button on the right.

Thank you in advance for your support of our efforts on behalf of brain tumor patients, their families, and the researchers pursuing the breakthroughs.


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If you prefer to mail your donation, download the BT5K donation form by clicking here.

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