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Bank of America Chicago Marathon

2019 Team Breakthrough Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Wonder Woman - Forever Cheryl Hogan Strong
Wonder Woman - Forever Cheryl Hogan Strong


It’s impossible to comprehend that on Friday, March 15, 2019 Heaven gained its most beautiful Angel after a courageous 16-month fight against glioblastoma brain cancer. We know Mommy was immediatley welcomed in Heaven--dancing and sing her way through the golden gates. The most loving wife and dedicated mother -- to Mom, family and friends always came first. Mom was a doer with boundless energy and had a gift for making people feel very special. Cheryl Lynn was filled with amazing grace, strength, and determination. She inspired others to be better than they ever thought they could. Mom was kind, selfless, fun, spirited, smart, gentle, and always exuded absolute joy. Cheryl lived with purpose, lived the truth, and lived to love others. Her radiant smile, warm hug, and cheerful disposition lit up a room. She was an exceptional dancer, music enthusiast, avid skier, super shopper, incredible cook, and loved long family walks. Cheryl will forever be the most beautiful person we will ever know, inside and out, and will forever be our Wonder Woman and eternal Angel in Heaven. Sweet Cheryl Lynn was always Dad and my earth angel and we will forever cling to her and her love as she is now everywhere, ever-present in everything that we all do. Dad and I miss our best friend more and more with each passing moment. Home is wherever Mom is, and as hard as is to accept, we know Mom is safely home! 

As a way to honor and remember our why, our happy, our person, and our absolute best friend -- the Amazing Cheryl Lynn Hogan -- Dad and I will be runing 26.2 miles for Momma on TEAM CHERYL HOGAN STRONG in conjunction with Team Breakthrough of the American Brain Tumor Association at the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, October 13, 2019! 

If tears could build a stairway and memories were a lane, we would sprint 26.2 x infinity miles to Heaven and bring Mommy back again! While we cannot achieve this miracle, we are comforted knowing that Mom is dancing in Heaven cancer-free. While Mom was a self-proclaimed "non-runner," this marathon is extraordinarily imporant to Dad, Mom and I. Mom was so proud of Dad and I for signing up in November of 2018 and she revelled in the opportunity to be our biggest cheerleader along the race route and at the finish line when we were accepted in December of 2018.

While Mom will not be physically cheering us on in Chicago, MOM WILL BE RUNNING THE MARATHON WITH US! She will be carrying TEAM CHERYL HOGAN STRONG to the finish line and constantly reminding Dad and I to keep “doing” and “going” throughout the race! Her pure goodness, beauty, grace, love and light will give us the much needed strength for the journey!

Mom always exuded goodness and radiated grace -- she inspired all of us to “be good” - better than we ever thought we could! So, with tattered wings, WE RUN AND RISE! I know Mom would want us "to just do this race" -- and that is precisely what we will do, just for you Mom. Always for Mommy. 

But Mom wouldn't want this race to be solely about her. In fact, to know Mom is to know that she was the most selfless human on the face of this earth. She always wanted it to be about you - others before self - take care of people first!

Since brain cancer has not affected Mom is isolation, did you know that each day 500 people will be diagnosed with a brain tumor?! THAT MUST STOP! As Dad and I will be participating in the American Brain Tumor Association’s Team Breakthrough Endurance program, all funds that are raised in Mom's honor will provide critical funding for brain cancer and brain tumor research and for supportive patient care.

We greatly appreciate any and all support as we commit to #MILESFORMOMMAHOGAN in an effort to find the cure!

In order to make a donation to the American Brain Tumor Association, click on “Donate Now” to donate safely and securely to TEAM CHERYL HOGAN STRONG. Please know that your donation not only supports brain cancer and brain tumor patients and their families, but it also supports the breakthrough research to improve, extend and ultimately save lives! (And remember, your donation is tax-deductible!) If you would like to learn more about the American Brain Tumor Association, visit their website at www.abta.org. This is an organization that Mom and our family truly believe in! We have been  connected to this organization since Mom's diagnosis and continue to be extremely dedicated to supporting today!

Thank you in advance for your support of Dad and my efforts on behalf of brain cancer and brain tumor patients, their families, and the researchers pursuing the breakthroughs. 



Forever you are our always.

We love you to the moon and back.

We love you to infinity and beyond. 

We run for you. 

We run to you.

Until we meet again Angel. 

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If you prefer to mail your donation, download the Team Breakthrough donation form by clicking here.

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