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Do you have another idea to raise funds for the ABTA other than an Athletic Event, setting up a Tribute or Memorial Page or Celebration? You may choose your own fundraiser as part of the Breakthrough Your Way program in support of the ABTA. To get started, click on Create an Event. Still deciding what type of an event you would like to start? Please read below.

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Andrew and his dad
Andrew and his dad

Andrew Meinert

Thank you for visiting the fundraising page in memory of Andrew Meinert! We are supporting the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) by raising funds for brain tumor research, as well as support and education programs for brain tumor patients and their families.

Andrew Meinert was more than a friend to just about everyone who knew him. He had an amazing personality, the smile that was contagious, and the best friend a person could ask for. He was far too young to pass away on December 30th 2008. Every year I try something new to remember him by, and I figured doing what I love to help promote this amazing association would be a great opportunity!

The funds we raise can help make an impact in the lives of those touched by a brain tumor diagnosis. The ABTA’s programs – including their educational webinar series and their CareLine, where you can speak to a licensed health care professional – allow patients and families know that they are not alone. 

Please donate today, and help me to make breakthroughs!

Thank you so much for considering a donation and every penny helps make a difference!

- Benjamin Oliver

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