In memory of Christy Glover

Greetings Friends,

Thank you so much for helping us in our quest to advance the understanding and treatment of brain tumors.  We have joined the CareCampaign in support of Christy Glover who lost her life to an anaplastic astrocytoma. Your donation today will bring us closer to making breakthroughs, both in labs and lives!

The American Brain Tumor Association was the first national organization committed to funding brain tumor research.  They continue to be the only national organization serving the comprehensive information and resource needs of both brain tumor patients and caregivers.

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Erik & Katie's Story

Diagnosed at 32 with an oligoastrocytoma, 2009 marks 5 years post treatment clean MRI's. Yeah for Erik and our family. A strong role model for persevering under the hardest of times.
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Brittany's Story

I was a college sophomore (in my third semester) when I went home one weekend and was really sick with the stomach flu. On Saturday November 29, 2008, I woke up and my face was swollen with blisters on the left side of my face.
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Damon's Story

For the past 5 years, I have been working on temporary assignment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I was scheduled for nose surgery in November 2007 to correct my breathing.
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